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Find out more here : Too much technology on the bike? AIRsistant tire pressure sensors | Trail Child - YouTube

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The innovative Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS ) for bikes and e-bikes monitors the pressure and temperature of bicycle tires, thereby leading to increased safety and performance for trekking, city, mountain and cargo bikes.

  • Mounted directly on the valve, the lightweight and robust tire pressure sensors monitor the air pressure and temperature of the bicycle tires and transmit the data in real time via energy-saving Bluetooth technology to a suitable bicycle computer or mobile app (iOS or Android).
  • Safe driving with real-time tire pressure monitoring with warnings
  • Timely warning in the event of a gradual flatfoot
  • More driving comfort and battery range as well as improved handling
  • Savings through less wheel and rim damage and therefore longer tire and rim life
  • New and user-friendly connectivity options through direct integration into the bike display and the AIRsistant mobile app
  • Digital pressure gauge function for easy pressure adjustment in the tire as an alternative to tire inflation gauges
Scope of delivery :

AIRsistant - 1 sensor: A sensor and a valve stem with nut for the front or rear wheel as well as a valve core extractor and mounting wrench for convenient installation.
AIRsistant - 2 sensors: Two
sensors and two valve stems with nuts for the front and rear wheels as well as a valve core extractor and mounting wrench for convenient installation.

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AIRsistant tire pressure monitoring system

AIRsistant: The revolutionary tire pressure monitoring system for bicycles and e-bikes
The AIRsistant tire pressure monitoring system takes safety and comfort to a new level for bicycle and e-bike riders. With precise real-time monitoring of tire pressure, Airsistant ensures that your tires are always optimally inflated, which not only extends the life of the tires but also significantly improves driving safety and comfort. Simple installation and a user-friendly app allow you to keep an eye on the tire pressure at all times and react immediately if necessary. Avoid dangerous situations and enjoy a worry-free ride with the AIRsistant tire pressure monitoring system.