Collection: GRAVEL


Go on an adventure

Our gravel tires offer a balanced mix of tread and speed for asphalt, forest trails, grass, and any other surface you ride. The gravel movement is all about the journey, and VEE Tire Co knows you want a lot from your gravel tires: a casing that can take a lot and a tread that can get you through the roughest terrain. All at a weight light enough for long days on the bike and massive climbs. You're not just buying tires, you're buying an adventure!

We distinguish 4 gravel categories

Category 1 : Very smooth, well-maintained gravel road with very few obstacles. => Speedster Gravel

Category 2 : Less well maintained dirt roads with small potholes, ruts and some loose corners. => Speedster Gravel, Rail, Rail Sport & Rocket Man

Category 3 : Poorly maintained dirt roads with large stones, ruts, sand and other obstacles. => Rail, Rail Sport & Rocket Man

Category 4 : Forest trails, wilderness trails that are not maintained. Lots of natural obstacles, sand, mud, stones and river crossings. => Rail, Rail Sport & Rocket Man

Road, off-road or both?

Discover the freedom of gravel biking with our high-performance tires – the Rocket Man and the Speedster Gravel!
Our gravel tires are designed to offer you ultimate versatility and performance on any terrain. With the Rocket Man and the Speedster Gravel you have the perfect companions for your adventures off the beaten track.
The Rocket Man is made for those looking for top speed and agility. Its lightweight yet durable design ensures a fast and responsive ride, while the aggressive lug tread provides excellent grip and traction on loose surfaces.
The Speedster Gravel, on the other hand, offers an optimal balance between speed and comfort. Its versatile tread pattern guarantees stable performance on different surfaces, from gravel roads to light terrain. Whether you prefer epic bikepacking adventures or fast gravel racing, the Speedster Gravel is ready for anything.
Rely on the proven performance of our gravel tires and explore new horizons with confidence and style. With the Rocket Man and Speedster Gravel, you're ready for any challenge that takes the road less traveled.