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Maximum speed

VEE Tire Co. is an industry leader in BMX racing tires and we have a World Championship title to prove it. We answer the call of the world's fastest racers looking for a competitive edge and NOBODY has a more complete line of tires than we do. For those who seek victory on their home tracks, at World Championships or Olympics, we offer tires that are fast, responsive and perform amazingly on all types of terrain and conditions. We're always looking for new ways to improve your performance and now we're offering new compounds that will not only help you win, but look good too.

Speed ​​and precision

Experience speed and precision with our Race BMX tires – the ultimate choice for top performance on the track!
Our Speedbooster tires are specially designed for racing and offer an unbeatable combination of lightness, grip and speed. With an innovative tread design and a high-quality rubber compound, they guarantee optimal traction and control in every corner and on every surface.
Whether you're looking for the perfect start or the decisive advantage in the race, our Race BMX tires will get you there. Their low rolling resistance and outstanding acceleration make them the first choice for demanding riders who want to get the most out of their bike.
Trust in the proven performance of our Speedbooster tires and dominate the race track like never before. With them you are ready to achieve new personal bests and leave your competition behind - be a champion on the track with our Race BMX tires!