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OKO Magic Milk Hi Fibre

OKO Magic Milk Hi Fibre


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The OKO sealing milk was rated 9/10 points by MTB Rider Mag :
MTB Rider: Tire test: How does the new Vee Tire combination Crown Gem & Rail Escape ride?

incorporates its 45 years of experience in the development of sealing fluids for extremely adverse operating conditions in the automotive, military and farming sectors into the development of Magic Milk for the bicycle industry. The result is the best tubeless sealant available on the market.

The sealing milk is very easy to use. You don't have to shake them or worry about sticking or stains. Since the tubeless milk is water-based and does not contain ammonia, it poses no danger to you or the environment. This composition also makes the sealant paint and tire friendly .

Due to its special and thicker consistency, the tire sealant adheres better to the inside of the tire than other thinner latex products and does not slosh around inside the tire. If necessary, the sealant in the tire can be refreshed or diluted with water. If you change your tire, you can simply wash the sealant out with water.

In contrast to OKO Magic Milk, Hi Fiber sealant contains more and larger fibers, which make it possible to seal larger cuts or damage to the tire.

Features at a glance:

  • Permanent water-based emulsion - no separation, no clumping, no need to shake the bottle.
  • Ammonia-free sealing fluid made from synthetic latex for tubeless systems.
  • Paint and tire friendly, non-toxic, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Can be used for mountain bikes, gravel bikes and racing bikes with tubeless tires (suitable for high pressure).
  • Added microfibers also seal larger holes up to approx. 7 mm.
  • Can be diluted with water if necessary and is easily washed out of the tire.
  • Compatible with CO2 cartridges.
  • Temperature range -20 to +45° C.
  • Made in England.
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