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or "The rubbish of one is the material of the other."

Sustainability is a big topic, and rightly so. We should make sure that we use the available goods / raw materials sensibly. One possibility is recycling, i.e. the reprocessing of discarded recyclable materials into a new product. Another nice option is upcycling, i.e. upgrading the waste.

We would like to introduce you to some companies that upcycle old bicycle tubes. Feel free to contact these companies before you throw away your old hoses. Of course it makes sense to collect a few hoses (from family, neighborhood, friends, in the workshop) and then send a larger package.

All tubes (no tires, covers, coats or whatever you put it like) can be used. It is only important that the hoses should be untreated. This is because hoses that have previously been treated with breakdown spray cannot be processed. It's always nice when something more is collected to make the show worthwhile.

We've selected three companies who would be happy to send you tubes to make bags and more. Look in here:

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Dagmar Kinter
watstr. 31
14770 Brandenburg on the Havel
Tel: (0049) 33813288535
Email: tasche@tjuub.de


Henry Trebstein
Markusstr. 38
45968 Gladbeck
Telefon: 0176 23255301
E-Mail: arthurkopf@arthurkopf.de

zu arthurkopf

Ruth Rohden
Berliner Str. 21
58313 Herdecke
Tel.: 015158012697
E-Mail: shop@muradou.de

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