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There are a few important things to consider when buying children's bicycle tires:

  1. The size : Make sure you choose the right tire size for your child's bike. The size is often indicated on the side of the tire, for example 16 x 2.25.

  2. Tread and tire pattern : Depending on where your child rides, whether on trails, gravel paths or on the road, you can choose between different treads. For MTB, tires with a more aggressive tread like the Crown Gem Jrs or the Flow Snap Jr may be ideal, while for gravel biking, tires with a less aggressive tread like the Rail Jr or the Speedster Jr are suitable. For road riding, you could opt for the Speedster Jr or the Cub .

  3. Width : The width of the tires affects the handling of the bike. For MTB and gravel biking, wider tires could offer more traction and comfort, while narrower tires for the road often allow for a faster ride. If you want to pimp your child's bike, check in advance whether the tire you want fits in the fork or rear triangle. The ETRTO specification also includes the width of the tire (e.g. 57-305 means that the tire is approx. 57 mm wide). In this case, the space in the fork and rear triangle should be more than 60 mm so that the tire can run freely.

  4. Material and Durability : Kids can often be rough on their bikes, so look for tires that are sturdy and durable to minimize punctures and breakdowns.

  5. Weight : Light tires can reduce the overall weight of the bike and make it easier for children to handle.

  6. Air pressure : Make sure you maintain the recommended air pressure for the tires you choose to ensure the best performance and safety. The recommended air pressure is indicated on the sidewall of the tire. Correct air pressure also helps tires last longer. If the pressure is consistently too low, it can lead to cracking.

Consider these points when deciding between the different options and select the tires that best suit your child's needs and riding style.