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What is special about VEE Tire Co, what makes the tires special and why should you choose VEE Tire Co tires?

It is VEE's aim to offer you outstanding grip for your (downhill) ride or maximum speed for the (race) track! VEE is therefore: grip, traction, support, speed and safety in every situation. In short: VEE makes you better and faster!

VEE offers you grip, traction, support and safety, especially with downhill-oriented tires - i.e. in the gravity sector . The focus here is on traction, even under difficult conditions. It's not for nothing that the Flow Snap is said to be: "A new riding experience .... in the new grip area and lean angle. The lugs really bite into the ground on firm, sandy forest soil. The tire makes you want to lean more." (MTB Oberpfalz )

In other disciplines, BMX, cross country, city trekking , the focus is more on speed due to low rolling resistance. It is not for nothing that the tires here are called Speedster, Speedbooster (BMX), Rocketman (XC and Gravel), City Cruz or Zilent (city trekking). Both the profiles and the tire compounds are designed for maximum speed without having to forego the necessary grip, traction or support. A BMX world championship title and various championship titles on the pump track are the proof.

VEE Tire Co. offers bicycle tires that are state-of-the-art. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and in-house production, we can react immediately to market trends. The process from development to availability of a tire is correspondingly short. So the Thais were the first whose fat bike tires were available on the market. The demand for tires for the then new PlusSize size could be met early on.

Would you like to experience a new driving experience? Do you want mega grip as a downhiller or enduro rider? Ready for your next BMX or XC race?

Then you should choose tires from VEE Tire Co!