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Our tires in the test

This is what MTB News, MTB Rider Mag, Dirtmountainbike, Fat-Bike.de and others say

Tire testing is a key component for mountain bike enthusiasts to evaluate the performance and versatility of different tire models. In reputable magazines such as MTB News, MTB Rider Mag and Dirtmountainbike, as well as other leading publications, these tests are carefully conducted to provide riders with an informed basis for making decisions.

These tests examine various aspects of tire performance, including traction on different surfaces such as mud, rock and forest floor, rolling resistance on different surfaces, handling in corners and on technical trails, and the durability and reliability of the tire in demanding conditions.

The tests in these magazines are not only informative but also inspiring as they showcase the latest innovations and developments in the mountain bike tire industry and help riders take their riding experience to the next level.

On this page you will find the links to all tests. What do the testers say about our models? Find out here!

The Snap WCE in the test : The mountain bike tires from VEE Tire Co. in the test - D... (dirtmountainbike.de)
The VEE TIRES SNAP WCE - From prototype to series production - Gravity MTB Magazine (gravity-magazine.de)
Vee Tire Co Snap WCE Top 40 tyre first ride review - Mountain Bike Tyres - Tyres - BikeRadar
Review: The Vee Tire Co Snap WCE Has Predictable Handling & Loads of Grip - Pinkbike

The Attack HPL in the test : MTB Rider: THE NEW ATTACK HPL 29 FROM VEE TIRE CO. IN THE TEST (MTB Rider Mag)

Attack FSX and Snap WCE MK2 in the test: Vee Tire Snap and Attack in the test: What can the new MTB tires do? (mtb-news.de)

More about the Snap Trail : Vee Tire Snap Trail: New all-round tire for trail use - MTB-News.de
Vee Snap Trail Enduro Core Top 40 tyre review - MBR

Sascha from harzcore TV took a closer look at the Snap Trail : Tested: VEE TIRE Snap Trail - What can it really do? - YouTube

The Flow Snap in the test: Tire test with e-bike and the Flow Snap from VEE Tire... (dirtmountainbike.de)

The Flow R-CP in the test: The mountain bike tires from VEE Tire Co. in the test - D... (dirtmountainbike.de)

The Snow Ball tested at Fat-Bike.de: https://www.fat-bike.de/veetire-snow-ball-27-5x4-0-test/

More about the Crown Gem : Vee Tire Co. Crown Gem 27.5+ & Apache Chief - YouTube
Vee Rubber Crown Gem // MTB Tire Review, Is It A Good Value? - YouTube

MTB Rider: Tire test: How does the new Vee Tire combo Crown Gem & Rail Escape ride?

More about the Rail Escape : Review: Vee Rail Escape Trail Tire is High on Grip, Low on Price - Singletracks Mountain Bike News
Review: Vee Tire Co. Rail Escape breaks out w/ bigger, faster trail mountain bike tires - Bikerumor

MTB Rider: Tire test: How does the new Vee Tire combo Crown Gem & Rail Escape ride?

T-Fatty in the test : VEETIRE CO. Trax Fatty tires in 27.5×3.25 – short test (twentynineinches-de.com)

The Bulldozer in the test : The Vee Tire Bulldozer 4.7 PSC in the test (fat-bike.de)

Our Speedster Gravel in the test: IN THE TIRE TEST: VEETIRE SPEEDSTER B-PROOF - Gravelfun - The homepage for the gravel biker



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