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Move forward

When it comes to tire manufacturing, we treat our factory like a kitchen. From the production to the quality control, our "chefs" are committed to creating a delicious tire that meets your needs as a cyclist.
Starting from our 1st kitchen opened in Samut Sakhon, our chefs learned how to prepare tire like Thai dishes that are internationally popular and authentic to our culture.
Like the world famous Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong and Kra Phao found in every Thai restaurant around the world, our tires reflect our heritage, knowledge and achievements over the 45+ years we have been in the tire business.

We have our own unique recipes, selected raw materials, our own
Production lines and testing equipment that allow us to manufacture all our tires with precision, as if we were cooking your favorite meal right in your home.

In 2012, Vee Tire Co was founded to meet the high demands of cycling. With a focus on performance, VEE has worked hard to establish itself as a top global tire manufacturer, meeting the needs of every aspect of cycling, from professional to recreational to youth. We challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of technology, design and product development.

Our operations continue to expand, starting with facilities in Thailand and now opening new facilities in Vietnam and India. Our global distribution channel has grown to over 30 countries in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Now in our 10th year as VEE Tire Co., our goal to make the best tires on the market remains the same. What started as an idea has evolved into what we are today, and we will continue to grow as we evolve.

We are only at the beginning.

At VEE Tire Co., we will continue to move things forward.