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Best grip

To achieve the best possible performance, we tasked our engineers with developing a family of gravity tires that would offer the ultimate in cornering, acceleration, durability and unbeatable braking grip. To meet this challenge, the team developed two unique casing options that guarantee unprecedented control and traction. The choice is yours: for downhill / freeride / bike park use, we recommend the Gravity Core, for enduro / all mountain use, the Enduro Core. They are the result of many hours of testing by our best riders on the toughest trails and race tracks in the world.

Use the Attack series for lots of speed and the Snap series for more aggressive riding and lots of grip!

Our Attack FSX was developed in collaboration with the Intense Factory Racing Team and the renowned enduro and downhill riders Aaron Gwin (5-time downhill world champion), Joe Breeden, Seth Sherlock and Dakotah Norton. The expertise and experience of these top athletes was incorporated into the development of the tire.

By working closely with these experienced riders, we ensure that the Attack FSX meets the demands of modern downhill racing while offering innovative features and technologies that give riders a competitive advantage.

Lots of grip for lots of fun

Discover the ultimate companions for your downhill or enduro adventure with our Snap series, consisting of Snap WCE, Snap WLT, Snap Trail and Flow Snap. Specially developed for aggressive riding, they offer unrivalled traction and control on any terrain. Whether steep descents or technical trails, the Snap series will get you to your destination safely.

For all speed enthusiasts, our Attack series, consisting of the Attack HPL, the Attack FSX and the Flow R-CP, is the perfect choice. With its special construction and tread design, it ensures maximum speed and maneuverability. Conquer the trails with confidence and experience the ultimate driving experience with our Attack tires.

The core determines the intended use: The GXE Core and the DH Core are designed for different areas of application:

1. GXE Core: This variant is ideal for enduro riders or those who occasionally go to the bike park. Even more demanding races such as the Enduro One series can be easily completed with this carcass.

2. DH Core: This variant is the right choice for downhillers and freeriders who need maximum performance and robustness in the bike park or during races. World Cup riders like Aaron Gwinn have successfully ridden with this carcass.

-GXE Core: Flexibility for enduro and occasional bike park use.
- DH Core: Specialized performance for downhill and freeride in the bike park or during races.

The choice between the two depends largely on your riding style and preferred areas of use.

Trust in quality and performance - choose our Snap series for aggressive riding and our Attack series for plenty of speed. Get ready for your next adventure on two wheels!

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