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Urban Commuting

"Lifestyle-oriented commuters" view commuting as part of their lifestyle and use alternative modes of transportation such as cycling to express their personal values ​​and principles.
The bicycle quickly becomes a "status symbol" here, a symbol of social status. A high-quality and expensive bicycle can be seen as an expression of wealth and style.

Well protected, ideally with B-Proof puncture protection! ;-)

The right tires for daily commuting

Enjoy a smooth ride around town with our urban commuter tires, perfect for any type of city vehicle – be it a folding, compact or cargo bike!
Our Speedster Cargo is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to transport heavy loads around town. With its robust construction and special rubber compound, it offers optimal traction and durability so that you can get your cargo to its destination safely and reliably.
For those who value agility and maneuverability, our Cub city runner is the ideal solution. Its lightweight design and special tread pattern ensure a smooth ride through the narrow alleys and busy streets of the city.
The 808 is the perfect companion for extended city tours and exploration. With its sophisticated design and excellent rolling resistance, it offers a smooth ride and high mileage so you can enjoy the city to the fullest.
And finally, for those who prefer a relaxed cruise through the streets, our Speedster Street Life is the perfect choice. Its special tread design and soft rubber compound ensure a pleasant driving experience and effortless rolling on any surface.
Trust in the proven performance of our urban commuter tires and make your city commutes a pleasant experience. Whether you're hauling heavy loads, speeding through the city or just cruising the streets in a relaxed manner - with our tires you're always on the right track!