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Profile and width: Which properties influence rolling resistance?

by Nilo Aschoff on April 17, 2024

When it comes to fast gravel tires with little rolling resistance, profile and width play a big role. A low profile on the gravel casing ensures less friction on the road, which reduces rolling resistance. Therefore, gravel tires are road-oriented with a finer profile and are ideal if you are traveling on asphalt.

The width of the tire also affects rolling resistance. Wider tires, such as the popular gravel tires 40-622, offer more comfort and grip off paved paths, but can create more resistance on hard surfaces. Tubeless tire gravel options can help reduce rolling resistance by allowing you to ride at lower tire pressures without increasing the risk of punctures.

The right tire size, be it 650b gravel tires or 28 inch gravel tires, and the right gravel bike tire for your project are crucial for the balance between speed and comfort.