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Introduction to cross country and gravity tires

by Nilo Aschoff on April 17, 2024

Hey, if you're wondering what exactly differentiates Cross Country (XC) tires from Gravity tires, then you've come to the right place. Let's start with the XC tires. These are optimized for long distances and high speeds on flat and firm surfaces. They have a lighter weight, a finer profile and less rolling resistance, helping you save energy and ride faster.

On the other hand, there are gravity tires, which are designed for downhill and freeride. They have a more aggressive tread pattern with deeper lugs to give you maximum grip on slippery and technical trails. They are also more stable and resistant to punctures because they simply have to withstand more.

In short: XC tires = light and fast, Gravity tires = robust and grippy. Decide what's best for your ride!