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There are different types of puncture protection for 20x4 tires, including:

  1. Classic puncture protection (B-Proof) : This includes rubber inserts under the tread that protect the tires from punctures and cuts.

  2. Override Technology : This technology offers a more advanced form of puncture protection. Some features of this technology are:

    • Stronger casing : The Override casing is three times stronger than conventional aramid belts like B-Proof and twice as strong as improved versions like B-Proof+.

    • Lower TPI for better strength : Using a lower TPI (threads per inch) improves the puncture, cut and abrasion resistance of the tire.

    • Weight : The tire may be a little heavier due to the robust construction. However, this should be barely noticeable for riders of fast e-bikes with high-speed motors, as their main priority is performance and safety.

The choice between B-Proof puncture protection and Override technology depends on the individual needs of the rider, with Override technology being a more robust and advanced option for riders who experience extreme conditions and high speeds.